Collection: Waffle and baby knit

Create a subtle texture in your little one's wardrobe with our waffle fabric. This fabric is not only gentle on the skin, but also adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit. Our waffle fabrics are suitable for many types of handmade baby and children's clothing, such as: large and small sweaters, (wrapping) cardigans, baby pants and overalls.

Our baby knit fabric is a cozy and soft choice, perfect for swaddling your baby in warmth and comfort. The natural stretch ensures ease of dressing and undressing. Our baby knit fabric is suitable for large and small sweaters, (wrap over) cardigans, baby pants and overalls (dung overalls). Also suitable for clothing in larger sizes!

Choose one of the products below, and immediately see the garments that can be made in that fabric. Make your choice from the type of garment and the size and your order will be made with lots of love especially for you !
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